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Connecting Exact ERP to the Globe … and back

Commercial Gateway

APPRX enables you to optimise data integration for your Exact ERP. Whether you are using Exact Globe, Exact Globe+, Exact Synergy or Exact Online, Apprx makes your ERP as a single source of truth

What we do

APPRX creates the best data integration for your business processes. Stream data effortlessly. Create workflows in Exact Globe, Exact Globe+ or Synergy when the desired fields are touched by APPRX. Create business efficiencies. Your Exact ERP as a single source of truth 

APPRX Punchout

Let your BtoB customers buy directly out of your ERP. APPRX’s punchout solution makes selling easy. Orders Flow right into your Exact ERP. Connect to any punchout.

APPRX Webshop

Use our standard webshop and sell BtoB directly from your Exact ERP. Seemless integration of customers, articles, price lists, order guides, orders and payments. 


Send and receive EDI messages straight from and into your Exact ERP. Use APPRX’s Gateway, no other platforms nor gateways needed. Cost efficiency guaranteed.

APPRX Peppol

Transforming your invoices into Peppol format. Send to customers straight from or receive into your Exact ERP. All international formats supported.

APPRX Documents

Import and export documents. Transform formats automatically, so you or your customer receive the desired format.  All formats (Json, PDF, XML, Excel, jpeg …) supported.

APPRX Locations

Need to plan routes? Need to track items? Apprx lets you import locations, plan routes and maintenance.

APPRX Market Places

Your orders, invoices, customer data straight from international market places. Selling through Bol.com, Amazon, Ebay or any other marketplace, APPRX is your connector and enables you to flow your data for optimal business

APPRX Appstore and billing engine

Have your own appstore, and bill your customers. Have transactions flow into your Exact ERP.  

APPRX Track & Trace

Track and Trace all your orders. Connect to Postnl, DHL, Parcel, DPD, DSV, Dachser and many more.

APPRX Analytics

Analyse data from different sources in an instant. Combine your Exact SQL Database, with data from external sources. 


Sensors and scanners are everywhere, bring The Internet of Things to and from your ERP with APPRX. And keep your ‘stuff’ together.

APPRX Standard Webshop connections

Want to import orders from your Woocommerce, Magento or other website into your Exact ERP? Want to export delivery statusses and more? APPRX brings you seemless integrations with any webshop.

APPRX Customer onboarding

With APPRX forms, onboard customers automatically into Exact ERP. Have Exact Synergy start your onboarding workflows automatically. Have APPRX  validate the cusomer through  our VIES integration.

APPRX Projects

start your own projects in your APPRX tennant. Be creative. the sky is the limit

APPRX for non-native Exact

Working with other ERP? collaboration across ERP platforms? Migrating to other ERP? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. APPRX customers also work with SAP, Afas, Microsoft Dynamics …….


Connect to your Payment Service Provider of choice receive payments straight into your Exact ERP and webshops.

Apprx platform your commercial gateway to data integration

APPRX platform lets your buy our standard apps, creat new apps en add new flows to existing apps. APPRX is dedicates your Exact Globe, Globe+, Synergy and Exact online as a single source of truth.



Ongoing Projects

shots of green tea

Exact as a single source of truth

Your business processes are key. Grip is essential. APPRX enables you to integrate data into your Exact ERP so your organisation is in control. Integrate data and start workflows automatically.  

apprx for Exact partners

APPRX is open to the Exact Partner channel. Create integrations for multiple customers, sell your own solutions, share through partner channel, use your expertise to help your customers grow. Brand APRRX or your company, keeping your customers yours.

Our Skills

At APPRX we create features to enable data flows for your Exact ERP to the Globe… and back. 

From Our Clients

“With APPRX we have created an uninterrupted order flow for our Woocommerce partner webshops .”

Marnix van de Hoef

International Sales, HAPRO international

“APPRX has enabled MCO Health to connect and communicate to multiple data platforms.

With this solution we keep track of our data exchanges. We can scale up when needed.

With our current and future projects, we rely on APPRX for uninterrupted data integration and exchanges.”

Christian Vos

IT Manager, MCO Health B.V.

Let’s shake hands
and connect to the globe … and back